Basement Pump Servicing
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Basement Pump Servicing Contracts


Monthly service plans or one-off and bespoke servicing tailored to your needs.

We offer service plans for Basement Pump Servicing from as just £29/month, providing you with regular servicing to ensure the reliability of your pump(s), but with the back up of a 24 hour emergency service on case of emergency. Call 0207 523 5321 for more information.

Service Plans

PRICE (for a two pump system)£29/MTH
Regular servicing by a trained engineer
Priority emergency call out
24 hour emergency helpline
Emergency engineer within 2 hours
Call out labour included
Time arranged to suit you

One-off & Bespoke Servicing

1 Pump£180
2 Pumps£240
3 Pumps£300

Call 0207 523 5321 for more information about these or bespoke servicing.

Why use us

Our staff are professional and efficient and we are approved installers of most leading waterproofing pump manufactures.

We are a small company employing between ten and twelve people at any given time and are thus able to provide a personal and friendly service with client consideration and satisfaction being a main priority. Because of our size, minimal overheads and efficiency we are able to offer prices considerably less than our larger competitors.

Our installations are carried out in accordance with B.S.8102 (The British Standard code of practice for protection of structures against water from the ground).

To give you extra peace of mind we can install battery back-ups and dual pumps to ensure 100% reliability.

We are members of Basement Waterproofing Association and BSWA.

We are also specialists in grey water pumps and some sewage pumps.

Call 0207 523 5321 for more information.

“A big thank you to AP Gooch Pumps for solving our pub problem and providing us with fantastic service. The weekend service for us, being as we are a very popular pub/restaurant,would have been much more difficult (not enough wellies to go round) without your help!  A quick reply to our initial enquiry & coming out at 8pm on a Saturday evening. solving the situation and returning Monday to fit a new pump – Brilliant!!”